• Once Upon a Crime… a MNO

    Once Upon a Crime… a MNO

    Admit it — deep down inside, you’ve always had your suspicions about fairy tale characters, haven’t you?   What did Little Bo Peep really do with her sheep?  What shenanigans were going on in the old woman’s shoe?  And if the princess got black and blue from sleeping on a pea, could you imagine what would [&hellip...

  • Camping Out in the Great Indoors

    Camping Out in the Great Indoors

    As MOMS Clubs chapters across North America start to get pummeled with icy weather, park days are becoming a tougher sell to kids and moms alike. What should a chapter do when the weather outside is frightful? The MOMS Club of McKinney-C, TX, has a great idea to share! Faced with a typical Texas summer [&hellip...

  • A New Way to Support MOMS Club

    Aug 18, 14 • UncategorizedNo Comments
    A New Way to Support MOMS Club

    International MOMS Club The International MOMS Club is now a registered charity with AmazonSmile, the charitable portal to Amazon.com. AmazonSmile is a simple and automatic way to support the International MOMS Club, at no additional cost to you! AmazonSmile will give 0.5 percent of a shopper’s eligible purchase total to the MOMS Club, with no [&hellip...

  • What MOMS Club Means to Me

    Jun 3, 14 • Poem3 Comments
    What MOMS Club Means to Me

    What MOMS Club Means To Me MOMS Club means family, When you’re far from home Friends when you feel That you’re all alone, A village to help me Raise my kids Or someone understanding Of leaky cup lids. A new experience every day A companion to say it’s all okay An inspiration to do my [&hellip...

  • Taking the Plunge — BRRR!!

    Taking the Plunge — BRRR!!

    Yes, we all know it’s been a long, cold winter. There’s only two good ways to deal with the weather — either hunker down, or embrace it. Luckily, in California, embracing it is always a viable option! The MOMS Club of Roseville West, CA, recently held a Polar Bear Plunge to get all the moms [&hellip...

  • Well Stocked For the School Year

    Well Stocked For the School Year

    Let’s be candid… just between us moms — who doesn’t get a little thrill at those three magic words – “BACK TO SCHOOL”? Unfortunately, for a lot of parents, Back to School puts a significant financial burden on the family. Think of all the notebooks, pens and pencils, scissors, binders, erasers… it adds up in [&hellip...

  • Dishing Out Community Service

    Mar 12, 14 • Service ProjectNo Comments
    Dishing Out Community Service

    We hear from a lot of chapters looking for ideas for their service project. Finding a project that provides meaningful help to a local community group, while involving lots of chapter members (and hopefully the kids!), and fitting into the busy schedules of a group of moms — this is no easy feat. The MOMS [&hellip...

  • Losing in Louisburg

    Mar 11, 14 • Chapter Activites1 Comment
    Losing in Louisburg

    As moms, it can be so tough to find time to take care of ourselves. And who among us hasn’t made a New Year’s resolution to shed those extra holiday pounds? Instead of fretting about it, the MOMS Club of Louisburg, KS decided to do something about it – and launched a chapter Biggest Loser [&hellip...

  • Scorching Good Time

    Mar 10, 14 • Chapter ActivitesNo Comments
    Scorching Good Time

    If you had to name one sure-fire hit for the under-6 crowd, wouldn’t you pick fire trucks? The MOMS Club of Henderson-East, NV, gave it a go – and sure enough, it was a blast – for kids and moms alike! On January 15, the club went on a field trip to Clark County Fire [&hellip...

  • Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser

    Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser

    On January 25, 2014, the MOMS Club of Bensalem, PA conducted a pancake breakfast fundraiser to benefit Family Promise® of Lower Bucks. Their mission is to reduce homelessness among local families with children. Family Promise® of Lower Bucks aims to provide shelter, hot meals, warm beds and support while guests complete goal oriented tasks to [&hellip...