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We are a support group designed just for you, the at-home mother! You are interested in the world around you, want a variety of activities for you and your children, and are proud of your choice of at-home mothering for your families!

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19 December 2014

Transformers, Strawberry Shortcake, Lego, Cabbage Patch Kids, Candy Land… if there’s one thing that our moms know about, it’s toys! The MOMS Club of Rockford, MI recently participated in a Toys

18 December 2014

Every day and every night, the community of Hermosa Beach, CA, relies on the brave men and women from the Hermosa Beach Police, Fire and Lifeguard Departments to keep them safe and secure. For most of

17 December 2014

Service members who need medical care while deployed overseas face a tough road. Not only do they need to focus on getting better, but they need to do it thousands of miles from their hometown, their

5 December 2014

While most of us are scrambling around preparing for the Christmas holidays, we have the comfort of knowing that it’s a time that will be spent with family, friends and loved ones. For those deploye

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