• Changing Needs of Motherhood Fact Sheet

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    Changing Needs of Motherhood Fact Sheet

    From the early days of teething, crying, sleeping (or not!) to the later days of boyfriends/girlfriends, driving, college… MOMS Club can be a support for moms throughout the years.  Our newest fact sheet, written by a MOMS Club member of 15+ years, talks about how her experiences with MOMS Club changed and how her chapter [&hellip...

  • Kids Club vs. MOMS Club Fact Sheet Available

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    Kids Club vs. MOMS Club Fact Sheet Available

    Is participation in your chapter lagging?  Are members with older children not coming to activities?  And the moms with babies, where did they go?  Read our updated Kids Club vs. MOMS Club Fact Sheet – it just may help you get things back on track. I’ll Promise to Be a Part of Your MOMS Club [&hellip...

  • Looking for Big Sisters!

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    Looking for Big Sisters!

    Would you like to become more involved with the growth and leadership of International MOMS Club? Are you a current or former board member looking to do more for MOMS Club? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, International MOMS club is looking for Big Sisters. We are looking for YOU!!! As a [&hellip...

  • Oklahoma Update – 5/21/2013

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    Oklahoma Update – 5/21/2013

    Dear Chapters: I know many of you have been asking about our members in Oklahoma.  We have several chapters in the area that the tornados hit.  The one we were most concerned with was the chapter in Moore, because we know it was in the path.  We have heard from one of their board members.  They [&hellip...

  • Changes and Upgrades in Our Conferences

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    Changes and Upgrades in Our Conferences

    We are delighted to announce promotions and upgrades in our Conferences! As you know, our Conferences are set up to help give local support to our chapters. Each Conference covers a portion of the country and includes volunteers who have special connections to those areas. Conference 1 covers the Northwestern part of the US, plus [&hellip...