Recruiting in a Big Town

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Having a chapter in a big town can be a mixed blessing.  There are so many potential members there – but it can be harder to cut through the noise to find them.  The MOMS Club of Omaha-SW, NE recently had some great success with their targeted neighborhood marketing.


I wanted to share a success story.  We have stared to recruit for the first time.  I have targeted Neighborhood websites, newsletters and Facebook pages.  We reached 500 households in Nextdoor Neighbor alone!  We had 8 inquires in one day!

Our chapter was aging out and being in Omaha never really recruited.  Our numbers were starting to drop.  So I thought we should start targeting neighborhood associations, websites, Facebook pages etc. was started in my development.  It links to 3 surrounding neighborhoods.  I hit 300 people in mine.  People post lost dog or break ins, etc.  Then I reached out to our chapter.  Another member sent out an email to her Next Door and hit 200 people.  Another mom has a Facebook page for her neighborhood and she is posting for us.  One mom has a newsletter.  I’m on a mission to get access to all of these!  We have moms that just don’t know we are here.  Omaha is large and spread out.  Only one week and we have about 10 new emails.  I’m just getting started!  This has not cost a penny and has been done from my cell phone.

Congratulations Ohama-SW moms and thanks for sharing this awesome idea!!



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5 Responses to Recruiting in a Big Town

  1. Suruchi chopra says:

    Will you please share specific urls on how you approached people in your neighborhood. I am starting my Moms club chapter in San Jose soon. thanks

  2. Michelle says:

    Hello! I would like to sign up.

  3. Hannah says:

    I would love to sign up how do I do this

  4. Trish says:

    Can you use a website such as to spread the word about a new group?

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