Spotlight on MOMS Club in Indonesia

One of our newest chapters in the Pacific-West Region is MOMS Club of Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The chapter was founded in the summer of 2013 and is already active and strong. Founder and President, Rully Fakih, has implemented a fantastic program and is actively recruiting more members
One of their first events was a cooking class with one of their member’s husbands who is a chef. They learned together how to make a delightful dessert. Together they have also made macaroni schotel and steamed sponge!


The chapter has also implemented a series of focused discussion groups. These groups not only provide support and education for their chapter members, but moms who are not yet members also are invited and are able to learn more about MOMS Club. Rully described how their chapter “invited one of the famous parenting master in Yogyakarta. We shared about how to raise a great kids based on spiritual intelligence.”


MOMS Club of Yogyakarta, Indonesia also began serving their local community early on—they prepared 150 food packages for needy families. From additional donations they received, they were able to prepare 50 school packages (bag, books, pencils, ballpoints, etc), clothing packages, and 3 packages for pre-school education.

Not only has the chapter successfully begun in a country where MOMS Club had not previously been known, but the founder has also recently given birth to a baby girl! Congratulations to Rully, and congratulations to our newest thriving chapter, MOMS Club of Yogyakarta, Indonesia!

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One Response to Spotlight on MOMS Club in Indonesia

  1. Andi Sjamsu says:

    Wow! Sukses selalu ya bu Rully! Insya Allah bulan puasa tahun ini saya akan sempat berkunjung ke Yogya & bisa bertemu dgn bu Rully & rekan2 di Moms Club Yogya.

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