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  • Taking the Plunge — BRRR!!

    Taking the Plunge — BRRR!!

    Yes, we all know it’s been a long, cold winter. There’s only two good ways to deal with the weather — either hunker down, or embrace it. Luckily, in California, embracing it is always a viable option! The MOMS Club of Roseville West, CA, recently held a Polar Bear Plunge to get all the moms [&hellip...

  • Well Stocked For the School Year

    Well Stocked For the School Year

    Let’s be candid… just between us moms — who doesn’t get a little thrill at those three magic words – “BACK TO SCHOOL”? Unfortunately, for a lot of parents, Back to School puts a significant financial burden on the family. Think of all the notebooks, pens and pencils, scissors, binders, erasers… it adds up in [&hellip...

  • Dishing Out Community Service

    Mar 12, 14 • Service ProjectNo Comments
    Dishing Out Community Service

    We hear from a lot of chapters looking for ideas for their service project. Finding a project that provides meaningful help to a local community group, while involving lots of chapter members (and hopefully the kids!), and fitting into the busy schedules of a group of moms — this is no easy feat. The MOMS [&hellip...

  • Losing in Louisburg

    Mar 11, 14 • Chapter Activites1 Comment
    Losing in Louisburg

    As moms, it can be so tough to find time to take care of ourselves. And who among us hasn’t made a New Year’s resolution to shed those extra holiday pounds? Instead of fretting about it, the MOMS Club of Louisburg, KS decided to do something about it – and launched a chapter Biggest Loser [&hellip...

  • Scorching Good Time

    Mar 10, 14 • Chapter ActivitesNo Comments
    Scorching Good Time

    If you had to name one sure-fire hit for the under-6 crowd, wouldn’t you pick fire trucks? The MOMS Club of Henderson-East, NV, gave it a go – and sure enough, it was a blast – for kids and moms alike! On January 15, the club went on a field trip to Clark County Fire [&hellip...