• Empowering Moms Through MOMS Club

    Jul 15, 15 • Chapter ActivitesNo Comments
    Empowering Moms Through MOMS Club

    As all of us have become moms, and focus ever more attention on our kids, it can be so easy to lose sight of ourselves as individuals. After all – we’re more than chauffeurs and snack providers! But how do we stay connected to this part of ourselves? The MOMS Club of Monroe, MI, has [&hellip...

  • Swifter, Higher, Stronger at the MOMS Club Olympics!

    Jul 13, 15 • Chapter Activites1 Comment
    Swifter, Higher, Stronger at the MOMS Club Olympics!

    Every four years, elite athletes from around the world gather to challenge one another for the title of Olympic champion.  And every summer, the junior athletes of the MOMS Clubs Holmen, WI, gather for a competition of their own – their chapter’s annual Summer Olympics!   While they have to make do without an elaborate opening [&hellip...

  • Service Project: Shoeboxes Full of Help

    Service Project:  Shoeboxes Full of Help

    For women and children in need, even some of the basics are hard to come by.  Many families take things like diapers and wipes for granted, but when you’re trying to get yourself back on your feet, nothing comes easy. To lend a helping hand, the MOMS Club of San Pedro, CA, recently completed a [&hellip...

  • Busy Bag Work

    Jul 8, 15 • Chapter Activites, Crafts1 Comment
    Busy Bag Work

    Keeping a restless toddler occupied has to rank among one of motherhood’s biggest challenges. Left to their own devices, there’s no telling what they’ll spill, break, lose, throw or swallow next! The MOMS Club of Highlands Ranch-W, CO, decided to turn this problem into a fun group activity – a toddler busy bag swap! They [&hellip...

  • Fundraising Through The Power of Fancy Hats

    Fundraising Through The Power of Fancy Hats

    So many of our chapters are involved in impressive fundraising activities that do great things for their local communities – and we hear from many chapters who are looking for exciting, new and creative ideas to help.   The MOMS Club of Iron County, Utah, has a great story to tell – about the Pink Tea [&hellip...

  • Cookin’ Up A Storm

    Apr 22, 15 • Chapter ActivitesNo Comments
    Cookin’ Up A Storm

    Summer isn’t too far away – and veteran MOMS Club members know that the club dynamics can change a bit when the bigger kids are on summer holiday.   The MOMS Club of Bristow-N, VA, decided last year to think about activities geared at school-aged children – and landed on a Summer Cookin’ activity that was [&hellip...

  • The Omaha Egg Stuff

    The Omaha Egg Stuff

    Easter is coming up – and kids everywhere will be hunting around for eggs, chocolates, jelly beans and a boatload of other goodies left by the Easter Bunny.   The MOMS Club of Omaha-SW, NE recently banded together to help a local non-profit put on their own Easter egg hunt for families in need. Open Door [&hellip...

  • A Cup of Christmas Cheer

    A Cup of Christmas Cheer

    For many of us, Christmas is a time of sharing, joy, and gathering with family   However, for those without a family to join for the holidays, it can be a very tough time of year. Every Christmas, the MOMS Club of Shelby, NC, hosts a Christmas luncheon for a foster group home in Cleveland County.  [&hellip...

  • Giving Thanks to Law Enforcement Officers

    Giving Thanks to Law Enforcement Officers

    Law enforcement officers are in an incredibly tough position – serving their communities every day, often putting their lives on the line, but seldom receiving  the appreciation they deserve.  The MOMS Club of Merced, CA, decided that it was high time to give thanks to the law enforcement officers (LEOs) in their community.   In March, [&hellip...

  • 1,000 Miles for Garrett

    Mar 6, 15 • Service ProjectNo Comments
    1,000 Miles for Garrett

    One of the most touching aspects of MOMS Club is how moms really do offer each other support, in good times and in bad.  The MOMS Club of New Hanover Township, PA, has rallied to help one of their own kids deal with a difficult challenge.  Garrett, a wonderful four-year-old boy in the chapter, has [&hellip...