• MOMS Club Olympics

    MOMS Club Olympics

    As eyes look towards the start of the Olympics in Rio tomorrow, the MOMS Club of Melbourne, FL hosted their own games.  This playdate at a local park was a huge success! Moms and kids went for the gold in various ‘Olympic events’ (I’m certain pillowcase races were added this year), fun crafts and some incredible Olympic themed [&hellip...

  • Mom Prom Masquerade Ball

    Mom Prom Masquerade Ball

    On April 29th, 2016, the MOMS Club of Anchor Bay, MI hosted a Mom Prom, just one day before National Mom Prom Night. Mom Prom is an event that was started in 2006 in Canton, MI as a fun, multi-generational ladies night out. The MOMS Club of Anchor Bay searched for a prom to attend [&hellip...

  • The Carrot Garden

    Nov 11, 15 • Service Project1 Comment
    The Carrot Garden

    MOMS Clubs everywhere love to find service projects that kill several birds with one stone. What can we do that will have a big impact on the local community, involves both moms and kids, teaches something meaningful to the kids, and is still a lot of fun? The MOMS Club of Astoria, OR, managed to [&hellip...

  • A Way to Support MOMS Club

    Sep 21, 15 • Uncategorized5 Comments
    A Way to Support MOMS Club

    International MOMS Club The International MOMS Club is a registered charity with AmazonSmile, the charitable portal to Amazon.com. AmazonSmile is a simple and automatic way to support the International MOMS Club, at no additional cost to you! AmazonSmile will give 0.5 percent of a shopper’s eligible purchase total to the MOMS Club, with no cap [&hellip...

  • The Article Club

    Aug 9, 15 • Chapter ActivitesNo Comments
    The Article Club

    One popular activity we see in MOMS Club chapters is a book club – an opportunity for moms to get together and have a little bit of adult conversation.   But with all the demands from their families, many moms struggle to find time to read the entire book in time for the meeting.  (Leading, of [&hellip...

  • The Great Park Clean-Up

    The Great Park Clean-Up

    Neighborhood parks are an integral part of the MOMS Club experience.  For many of our members, their very first MOMS Club experience was attending a new-members event at the local park.  Who still remembers looking nervously for the group of moms that you don’t know?  Encouraging your toddler to play with new friends?  Coming to [&hellip...

  • Service Project: Blinged Up Bras At The County Fair

    Service Project:  Blinged Up Bras At The County Fair

    For the MOMS Club of Hays, KS, the Ellis County Fair is one of the highlights of the community calendar.   This year, the moms were looking for a way to help support the county fair, contribute to a good cause, and have a little bit of fun.  Their answer?  Bedazzling their bras! The “Bedazzle Your [&hellip...

  • Empowering Moms Through MOMS Club

    Jul 15, 15 • Chapter ActivitesNo Comments
    Empowering Moms Through MOMS Club

    As all of us have become moms, and focus ever more attention on our kids, it can be so easy to lose sight of ourselves as individuals. After all – we’re more than chauffeurs and snack providers! But how do we stay connected to this part of ourselves? The MOMS Club of Monroe, MI, has [&hellip...

  • Swifter, Higher, Stronger at the MOMS Club Olympics!

    Jul 13, 15 • Chapter Activites1 Comment
    Swifter, Higher, Stronger at the MOMS Club Olympics!

    Every four years, elite athletes from around the world gather to challenge one another for the title of Olympic champion.  And every summer, the junior athletes of the MOMS Clubs Holmen, WI, gather for a competition of their own – their chapter’s annual Summer Olympics!   While they have to make do without an elaborate opening [&hellip...

  • Service Project: Shoeboxes Full of Help

    Service Project:  Shoeboxes Full of Help

    For women and children in need, even some of the basics are hard to come by.  Many families take things like diapers and wipes for granted, but when you’re trying to get yourself back on your feet, nothing comes easy. To lend a helping hand, the MOMS Club of San Pedro, CA, recently completed a [&hellip...