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  • These Are A Few Of Their Favorite Things

    These Are A Few Of Their Favorite Things

    How do you solve a problem like Moms Night Out? The MOMS Club of Janesville East, WI, knows how to say “So Long, Farewell” to boredom – by throwing a Favorite Things party! Every mom had to bring a few of their favorite things – 6 things, under $6. Then everyone got to go home [&hellip...

  • Taking the Plunge — BRRR!!

    Taking the Plunge — BRRR!!

    Yes, we all know it’s been a long, cold winter. There’s only two good ways to deal with the weather — either hunker down, or embrace it. Luckily, in California, embracing it is always a viable option! The MOMS Club of Roseville West, CA, recently held a Polar Bear Plunge to get all the moms [&hellip...

  • Losing in Louisburg

    Mar 11, 14 • Chapter Activites1 Comment
    Losing in Louisburg

    As moms, it can be so tough to find time to take care of ourselves. And who among us hasn’t made a New Year’s resolution to shed those extra holiday pounds? Instead of fretting about it, the MOMS Club of Louisburg, KS decided to do something about it – and launched a chapter Biggest Loser [&hellip...

  • Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser

    Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser

    On January 25, 2014, the MOMS Club of Bensalem, PA conducted a pancake breakfast fundraiser to benefit Family Promise® of Lower Bucks. Their mission is to reduce homelessness among local families with children. Family Promise® of Lower Bucks aims to provide shelter, hot meals, warm beds and support while guests complete goal oriented tasks to [&hellip...

  • Food Truck Fundraiser

    Food Truck Fundraiser

    If there’s two consistent struggles we hear most frequently from chapters – “how do we raise money” and “how do we attract new members” rise to the top of the list. The MOMS Club of Whittier-E, CA found a creative way to kill two birds with one stone – and enjoy some great food and [&hellip...

  • Gold Medal Fun

    Gold Medal Fun

    Who knows — the next generation of Winter Olympians could be sitting in MOMS Club playgroups today. Think of how much Olympians have in common with our kids: They love to go faster than everyone else, they’re utterly fearless about activities that petrify normal people, and they love sparkly costumes. And those figure skaters seem [&hellip...

  • Preschool Hour

    Feb 3, 14 • Chapter ActivitesNo Comments
    Preschool Hour

    The MOMS Club of Placentia-North, CA has a different sort of playgroup – each month, they host ‘preschool hour’ a special playgroup for 2-4 year old crowd that is a bit more structured than your average playgroup. It is an hour of circle time, music with movement, followed by a simple craft. It is meant [&hellip...

  • Scavenging for a MNO

    Jan 31, 14 • Chapter ActivitesNo Comments
    Scavenging for a MNO

    The MOMS Club of Corona-Southwest was searching for a fun moms’ night out idea when they came out with a mall scavenger hunt. So one Tuesday night, clue sheets in hand – they hit the mall for a very different but extremely fun sort of trip. Tamara, their moms’ night out coordinator said she was [&hellip...

  • Preschool Fair Big Hit in Small Town

    Preschool Fair Big Hit in Small Town

    The MOMS Club of Coastal Delaware, DE hosted a Preschool and Activity Fair on Saturday, January 11th. This vendor fair, held in the gymnasium of a local church, gave families throughout the community the opportunity to visit face-to-face with local preschool representatives to help determine which is the best fit for their children. In addition [&hellip...

  • Service Project Stuffed Full of Heart

    Service Project Stuffed Full of Heart

    Every day, children get stuck in challenging situations. Sometimes, something as little as a new stuffed animal can make a terrible situation a bit more bearable. The MOMS Club of of Canyon Country, CA saw this need and decided they wanted to host a stuffed animal drive. They started their search for a charity that [&hellip...