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  • Scorching Good Time

    Mar 10, 14 • Chapter ActivitesNo Comments
    Scorching Good Time

    If you had to name one sure-fire hit for the under-6 crowd, wouldn’t you pick fire trucks? The MOMS Club of Henderson-East, NV, gave it a go – and sure enough, it was a blast – for kids and moms alike! On January 15, the club went on a field trip to Clark County Fire [&hellip...

  • Five Alarm Fun Field Trip

    Jan 27, 14 • Chapter ActivitesNo Comments
    Five Alarm Fun Field Trip

    So many of our chapters love taking fire station tours but the MOMS Club of Southern Highlands, NV kicked a regular tour up a notch and got a full firefighter experience. The tour was held at the Downtown Las Vegas Fire Station, the largest station in the area. The moms and kids got to see [&hellip...

  • The Ticket to a Fun Field Trip

    Jan 13, 14 • Chapter ActivitesNo Comments
    The Ticket to a Fun Field Trip

    When the MOMS Club of Round Rock-S, TX decided a December field trip was in order, they hit the rails and took the moms and kids into downtown Austin to the Four Seasons Hotel. They say that getting there is half the fund and for the kids – this could not have been truer. Now, [&hellip...