Kids Club vs. MOMS Club Fact Sheet Available

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Is participation in your chapter lagging?  Are members with older children not coming to activities?  And the moms with babies, where did they go?  Read our updated Kids Club vs. MOMS Club Fact Sheet – it just may help you get things back on track.

I’ll Promise to Be a Part of Your MOMS Club
If You Promise to Be a Part of Mine…
…by Cheryl L.
MOMS Club Member, CO

I’ll Promise to Be a Part of Your MOMS Club
If You Promise to Be a Part of Mine…

It’s not just for the children;
they have their own clubs
They have their own playgroups, field trips and meeting hubs
But because we have children we have something that connects us
And thanks to the MOMS Club we have a calendar that directs us

I am here to be a little selfish; I am in it for me
To meet new friends and learn about your families
How you cope, what makes you laugh
Even what makes you gripe or wears you thin
I want every bit of it because that’s how great friendships begin

I love the special interest groups, I’ve tried out every one
It’s nice to discuss grown-up things (and get my scrapbooking done)
I love learning to knit, starting a craft and, without a doubt
I am always up for that once-a-month treat: MOM’S NIGHT OUT!
Don’t just try it once, go to lots of different events
‘Cause you never know what new experience each get-together presents

So, here is my pledge and I make it to YOU
All of you, long-time members and new:
I’ll go out of my way to show up at events
Even if my time might be differently spent
I know that if you joined this wonderful troupe
You need me, my children and my ideas, too

You need my presence, and I really need yours…

…So thank you for forcing yourself out of doors
sometimes sans make-up, sometimes putting off a shower
Gulping that coffee so you can make it through an extra hour
Thank you for your support, for an attitude of all-for-one
For joining the MOMS Club and keeping it fun

If nothing else, come for the goldfish crackers and
Apple juice boxes almost always on hand

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