Changes and Upgrades in Our Conferences

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We are delighted to announce promotions and upgrades in our Conferences! As you know, our Conferences are set up to help give local support to our chapters. Each Conference covers a portion of the country and includes volunteers who have special connections to those areas.

Conference 1 covers the Northwestern part of the US, plus our International Chapters. Debbie Cole is our Conference Coordinator for Conference 1. Conference 2 covers the middle part of the country, and Conference 3 handles the Southeast portion. Each Conference has several “Regions” under them, to be able to give even more local contact with the chapters.

In the past, the original Northeastern Region and Southern California Region were not included under any of the three Conferences because of those regions’ unique strengths. Because of those strengths, including our wonderful volunteers in each of those areas, those regions are now upgraded to be Conferences in their own right, and their leaders — Nadine Young in the Northeast and Nikki Moldovan in Southern California — are now Conference Coordinators! The Northeast is now Conference 4 and Southern California is now Conference 5. Congratulations!

Also, Crystal Ballast, previously the Conference Coordinator for Conference 3 — our Conference in the Southeast portion of the country — has been appointed to the International MOMS Club’s Board of Directors! We are so happy that she has accepted this promotion and are looking forward to working with her in this new role!

Taking Crystal’s place as the Conference Coordinator for Conference 3 is Carrie Butler. Carrie joined the MOMS Club in Augusta, GA, in 2006, and then became the Founder and President of the Evans, GA, chapter that same year. Enthused by her experiences in her chapter, she became a MOMS Club volunteer the next year. She and her husband have three children. Before she stayed home, Carrie was a research biologist, specializing in evaluating the purity of freshwater streams and the health of the wildlife there. She also enjoys volunteering in her children’s schools and her family’s church, and going camping.

Mitzi McConville is continuing as Regional Coordinator for DC, MD, NC, SC, VA and WV. Dee Powell is continuing as Regional Coordinator for AL, AR, KY, LA, MS and TN. Starting as new Regional Coordinators are Dawn Carlisle for FL and Ramie Ahlstrom for GA. Congratulations on your positions!

In Conference 2 — our Conference in the middle of the country — Kimberley Sharabura has been promoted to Conference Coordinator! She started with the MOMS Club in Texas, quickly becoming the president of the MOMS Club of Grapevine-S/Colleyville-S, TX, before starting with us as a Big Sister in 2007. She and her husband have three children and have since moved to Canada, where she lives in a beautiful rural area where moose often wander through their yard. In her pre-mommy days, Kim was a computer programmer, and when she’s not running triathlons or climbing mountains, she does a little programming, just to relax! She’s also heading up our Social Media Committee (more on that in a future posting). If you’re interested in promoting our presence on Facebook, Pinterest or other social media, she’s the one to contact to sign up for the Committee!

Also in Conference 2, Tracy Wilkerson is continuing as our Regional Coordinator, helping all of us in IL, NE, MO, KS, IA and OK. Susan Lefort has been promoted to Regional Coordinator for Texas, and Jackie McHenry has been promoted to Regional Coordinator for AZ, CO, NM, NV and UT. Congratulations, ladies!

I will let our Conference Coordinators announce any other promotions in their areas, but I know that we’re all very pleased with the changes and upgrades. I’m so proud of our volunteers and their enthusiasm for the MOMS Club. I know everyone will enjoy working and growing with these experienced, and newly promoted coordinators!

MOMS Club Love,
Mary James
Founder and Chairman

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