What is a chapter?

MOMS Club groups are called chapters. Chapters are assigned a specific regional area and are open to all moms living in that area. The MOMS Club believes that each local group must have the flexibility to meet the needs of the mothers in its area. Therefore, each group chooses the activities that its mothers wish to do and handles its own finances.

There are some things that all our chapters have in common:

1) All our chapters are registered with the International MOMS Club so they can use our name and resources, and be included under our group exemption with the IRS

2) All our chapters operate as real nonprofit 501(C)(3) public charities

3) All our chapters use the chapter Bylaws provided by the International MOMS Club and follow International's instructions

4) All our chapters meet during the day and allow mothers to bring their children with them to their activities

If you start a new chapter in the US, on a US military base overseas, or in another English-speaking part of the world, we'll send you your chapter's manual, and put you in touch with our volunteer who will help guide you as you start your chapter. Our volunteers will continue to work with your chapter as your chapter grows through the years. That continuing support is one of the things that makes the MOMS Club special!

If you start an International chapter in another part of the world, the manual may not be relevant to your MOMS Club experience, but we will assign a MOMS Club volunteer to help you.